Our Partners are certified to refer or resell CE21 products and services within a given territory and/or vertical.

If your customers have continuing education infrastructure needs, let’s talk about how we can help them together.

What is a partner? CE21 Partners are usually business that have a solid foothold in an education vertical and would like to extend their offerings by adding CE21 products and services. Partners can be association management companies, education providers, or companies that offer web sites and other services to associations.

What is a vertical? A Vertical is an industry or educational area such as nursing, psychology or law. Partners are given rights to manage and sell CE21 products within their verticals to the exclusion of other CE21 partners. Sometimes verticals are further segmented by territory or geographic area.

What services / products do Partners resell? Partners have the ability to resel the entire range of CE21 products from our online continuing education infrastructure to event and product sales and management. Click here to view a list of products offered by CE21.

Referral Partners

Refer customers to CE21 and earn revenew for your business.

CE21 offers a simple, easy-to-use referral program that allows you to earn referral fees on qualified business you refer to CE21 that closes. This is a great way to offer value added solutions to your customers if your organization is not yet ready to sell or support CE21’s products on your own.

Reseller Partners

Become a Reseller Partner and earn revenue on every transaction.

CE21 offers a comprehensive Reseller Partner Program for companies who have a strong understanding of continuing education in particular verticals and are willing to invest the proper resources to successfully sell and support the CE21 offering.

Key Value Proposition

Why should you become a CE21 Partner?

  • Incremental Revenue – CE21's platform not only represents a recurring (percentage of sale) revenue stream, but also enables partners to maximize the upsell and cross-sell of their existing educational products and services. CE21 enables rapid customer on-boarding, lower support costs, and faster time-to-revenue for partners.
  • Accelerated Sales Cycles - Flexible cloud based deployment lower barriers to sales. Leveraging CE21's leadership and brand recognition, installed customer base and marketing tools enable partners to quickly establish credibility with customers and prospects and shorten the sales cycle.
  • Competitive Differentiation – Leverage some or all of CE21's features to create unique offerings and services that differentiate you from the competition. Leverage and outsource CE21's Professional Services including videography, professional broadcast studio, award winning support staff and more.
  • Customer Satisfaction, Stickiness - Controlling more of your customers education infrastructure enables delivery of a one-stop solution for customers and prospects, resulting in greater customer loyalty. CE21's comprehensive and customizable offerings allow you to meet evolving customer requirements, increasing your value as a trusted partner with your customers.

Partner Highlights

Take a moment to get to know some of our partners.

Located in Eau Claire, WI, PESI has worked alongside the world’s leading experts to create seminars, conferences, videos and books that meet the needs of adult learners.

As a non-profit organization, PESI's mission is to educate and instruct the general public, public organizations, private industry, students and professionals to assist them in acquiring, developing and enhancing their knowledge and skills, and to assist other charitable and educational organizations in the conduct of similar activities.

Professionals can attend one of their live seminars in all 50 states and can access the PESI product and digital library anywhere in the world at any time.

“PESI has been in the internet digital world for over 10 years. We went through two other providers that we weren’t happy with. We made the change to CE21 and never looked back. It’s been an awesome experience, and I think it’s one of the reason we’re as successful as we are. I’ve been amazed at the pace CE21 does its business, making sure the platform advances as fast as our business and our consumers need it to.”

Mike Conner
Executive Director, PESI

The Business Professionals Network (BPN) has been dedicated to the Development, Promotion, and Sale of Quality Continuing Professional Education for CPAs, Financial and Tax Professionals, Lawyers, Bankers and Insurance Agents since 1998.

BPN specializes in Distance Learning options that use high quality video production, satellite and web delivery of programming, both live and archived webcasts using streaming video. BPN manages the Accounting Continuing Professional Education Network (ACPEN) and the Agents and Brokers Education Network (ABEN).

“Partnering with CE21 is the best decision our company has made. They are an amazing partner to work with. With CE21 as our backbone we don’t have to focus on the technology because that’s their expertise. This allows us to work with associations and their members to produce the highest quality educational material available.”

Anne Taylor
Director of Operations and On Site Training
Business Professionals' Network, Inc.

The Accounting Continuing Professional Education Network (ACPEN) CPE network, sponsored by State CPA Societies in many states, is dedicated to bringing, highly relevant, interactive, world-class CPE to every CPA in the most convenient and economical ways possible. Since 1997, ACPEN programs have covered all of the most important subjects for accounting, tax and financial professionals.

Business Professionals Network, Inc. (BPN) is proud to have partnered with state CPA Societies in the development and on-going operations of the Accounting CPE Network (ACPEN). is a forward-thinking association community that offers a site for the curious, the creative, and the cutting-edge. They connect those who have something to say with those who are eager to learn, so that through collaborative efforts associations can remain on the forefront of innovation.

CE21 partnered with to host SURGE 2017, a summit featuring a select group of noted thought leaders and insiders from the association industry, bringing them together with association professionals from around the world under one virtual roof. SURGE delivered 12 hours on original content over three consecutive days, delivered by more than 30 presenters, coupled with simultaneous live chat between attendees and presenters throughout the event.

The Agents and Brokers Education Network (ABEN), founded by state associations of independent insurance agents, is dedicated to bringing highly relevant, interactive, and professionally produced continuing education programs to independent agents in the most convenient and economical ways possible.

ABEN is managed by Business Professionals' Network, Inc., the leader in association-based continuing professional education.ABEN is intended to provide the insurance agent/broker with an efficient and effective medium for receiving live as well as archived educational courses through the state associations to which they belong.