CE21 Catalog & Viewer

Creating a completely custom catalog and viewer is easy with CE21!

The CE21 Catalog and Viewer are Packed with Powerful Features

You are able to control every aspect of your front end catalog – from theme and design to functionality. The system was designed to be flexible enough to allow our partners to run their entire organization through CE21 – obviating the need for an external website. 

Customer Accounts

A customer can access and manage all their courses and product they have registered for in a personalized customer account. Customers will be able to retrieve any past transaction receipts, as well as, notifications that were sent to them. Additionally, for their convenience, continuing education credits can be tracked and certificates of attendance can be obtained through this user-friendly portal.

Custom Design and Layouts

Your CE21 Catalog is customized with your brand and your logo so that it seamlessly integrates with your website. In addition, you can utilize widgets, custom banner ads, videos, and many other design features to design your catalog. You can even insert customer HTML or CSS to change the look of your catalog. 

Custom Menus and Pages

We provide a library of templates that you can utilize, but we also offer you the ability to create your own custom menus and pages. Whether you need to market a specific event or provide more important information, these features allow you to do anything you need on your catalog.

In-depth Product Detail Pages

Give your clients all the information they will need for the program – from Google Map directions for Live Events to program objectives to peer reviews of the program. Again, the Product Detail Page is completely customizable. 

Registration & eCommerce

Your clients can easily register and/or purchase any of your courses or products in your catalog. CE21 offers a Guestbook feature that allows you to send a link directly to your clients, allowing them to bypass the registration process. Once accounts have been created, your clients will be able to come back and review previously completed content, retrieve their certificates of attendance, and use our credit track to stay on top of their CEs. 

Support Pages

Continuing with CE21’s desire to provide support to both you and your clients, we provide a support page – filled with frequently asked questions, as well as, support contact information.  

Seminar Distribution

Distribute relevant course content through an entire vertical with a few clicks of your mouse.  


Control staff administrative access via granular security settings. Activity Logs provide detailed information on online staff activity.

CE21 Viewer

With CE21, you have many options for providing online content as a webcast, webinar or on-demand.  Your clients can download relevant and timely content directly to their computer or mobile device as well as, stream content via the CE21 Viewer. 

With the CE21 Viewer your clients can watch and listen to online content while also viewing relevant slideshows and handouts. Quizzing, polling and participation pop ups can appear throughout the program satisfying many accreditation requirements. In addition, the level of participant engagement can be increased before, during and after a program through chat rooms, forums and social media feeds.

Participants can also submit questions to speakers, complete evaluations and satisfy credit requirements in one place.  Announcements or alerts can be executed through a variety of features including pre- and post-pop up messages and emergency viewer alerts.  Furthermore, captioning or transcription services are available through a dedicated tab on the CE21 Viewer.

While we do offer a standard template for the CE21 Viewer, it is customizable to match your branding and catalog style.  Colors, wording and even presentation view are all easy converted to a look and feel you desire.

For maximum effect, most of the organizations we partner with utilize both the CE21 Catalog and the CE21 Viewer, however it is not a requirement. If you wish to only use the CE21 Viewer, we can make that possible. 

CE21 Presenter

An important component of the CE21 Viewer is the CE21 Presenter, which controls the video you see in the viewer. The CE21 Presenter is where your videographer will operate during live broadcasts and where you can make adjustments to on-demand content so that your video and slides sync appropriately.

CE21 offers many easy-to-use tools in the CE21 Presenter, so that you can manage and maintain control over your content. For instance, with the CE21 Presenter you can quickly and easily add custom viewer alerts.  This tool can be used to inform your clients of a late start on a program or of a technical problem that may disrupt the program. Viewer alerts allow your online clients to be aware of any issues or specific instructions – this saves time and frustration for you and your clients. 

Additionally, in the CE21 Presenter you can import slides for your program and utilizes the video clipper feature to make any necessary adjustments. Minor edits to your video and/or audio can be made as well.