CE21 Learning Management System

The core of the CE21 System

Designed for Today. Built for Tomorrow.

CE21’s cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) is a highly extensible and customizable platform designed to be accessible on any device – mobile, tablet, or computer.  

Designed as a complete CE registration, delivery and certification system, the CE21 LMS allows members of organizations to expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date on the newest developments, regulations and standards in the way they desire (or demand!).  

Every aspect of the system from the images and labels used, to the catalog and viewer layouts can be customized to fit your organization’s specific CE needs.  Built within Microsoft Azure cloud services, the system’s flexibility provides the bandwidth and computing power as required by our customers.  

Some key features of the CE21 LMS

There are multiple components available within the CE21 LMS that you can choose from to fit the needs of your staff, customers and/or members.  These include:

  • CE21 Manager – an administrative portal for staff, and a powerful association management tool for partners. 
  • CE21 Catalog – the backbone of the system, the Catalog provides the tools to quickly and effectively provide learners with easy access and purchasing capability of continuing education seminars, publications and other products. 
  • Event Managementenables organizations to manage the full event cycle, whether it is a small single day event or a larger multi-room event spanning multiple days. 
  • Product Managementallows your organization to sell, ship and track other education resources such as CD’s, DVD’s, books and more. 
  • Testing & Certificationwith a flexible template system, adding certification requirements is a snap, allowing you to customize the wording and display of your certificates of completion. 
  • CE21 Classroom – provides the ability to combine all media types including live webcasts, on demand seminars and webinars into a larger extended educational experience. 
  • CE21 Sharing Marketplace – allows you to share valuable seminar content with other participating CE21 customers, helping you grow both your audience and CE revenue for your organization. 
  • CE21 Mobile CE App – the mobile app revolutionizes the way individuals can participate in and retrieve continuing education, giving them access to your content anytime, anywhere.