CE21 Manager

Product Management. Customer Management. Manager Tools.

You can manage the sales and distribution for ALL your continuing education courses and products in one place.  This includes live in-person events, online content and physical products.

Online Content

Creating online content is easy with CE21. You will be able to create live webcastsvideo replayson demand programsdownloadable contentclassrooms and virtual events quickly and easily with the CE21 Manager. While creating your online content, you will be able to use one (or more than one) of our many certification requirements, upload course materials, send out custom emails and so much more. You can also set SEO and social media information for each seminar, as well as, create custom marketing campaigns. 

In-Person Events

In addition to the online content, CE21 can assist in the creation and support of in-person live events. Utilizing our robust agenda feature, your clients can register for specific section of the event or the entire conference. Need to know participant-specific information? Using our agenda and our reporting features, you can easily find and download participant-specific information, such as meal information, t-shirt size, number of handouts to prepare, and much more!

You can manage the sales and distribution for ALL your continuing education courses and products in one place.  This includes live in-person events, online content and physical products.

Customer management and retention is important to you and us. With CE21, account management and marketing is as easy as can be.

Customer Accounts & Registration

You can manage all your client’s information in the CE21 manager.  You can access and review their registrations, reset passwords, monitor purchases, add courses and even manage membership. Our system allows you to collect custom data that is relevant to your organization.  You can also create groups and manage those groups through the system.

Contact Management

In addition to managing client’s accounts, the CE21 Manager allows you to communicate with your client’s and monitor notifications that are sent through the system.  The system even keeps track of the message status and allows you to view and resend a message if necessary.  


Since marketing is one of the most important aspect of a business, CE21 provides you with many marketing options. Here are just a few examples:

  • Sales Pages – Create custom sales pages to send out a specific group of clients or post on social media to gain new clients.
  • Squeeze Pages – Along with sales page, create a custom squeeze page to gain contacts by offering free content.
  • Campaigns – Using sales pages or squeeze pages, create specific campaigns to target specific groups of people. Additionally, you will be able to track how successful these campaigns have been.
  • Rewards Points – Reward your clients for purchasing your content with rewards points.
  • Referrals – Enable our “refer a friend” feature to reward your current and new clients
  • Shopping Cart Notifications – Use our shopping cart notification feature to remind clients who have left non purchased content in their cart.

Sales & e-Commerce

In addition to the marketing options on the CE21 platform, we offer the ability to discount and bundle content. Discounts can be automatically applied or offered to specific clients via a discount code. Bundles are way to to group content together and sell in one transactions. Gift cards can also be given or sold on the CE21 Catalog. 

If you offer subscriptions to your clients, you can also manage them with CE21. Our software allows for recurring payments, special discounts and pricing for members versus non-members, and much much more.

Along with all the product and account management features, CE21 offers important manager tools so you can keep track of every aspect of your organization.


The Reports section provides you with graphs and statistics related to your sales, accounts, and so much more. Compare sales by product type, determine which of your product categories or tags are doing the best, and see which customers are purchasing the most. Our rich reports provide you with the ability to mine your data in many different ways:

  • Use the Product Sales Report to determine sales for any date range
  • Run completion reports to determine how much of the content clients viewed
  • Determine which content sells the best based off keyword or speaker
  • Use a variety of our reports to create more productive marketing campaigns


Another major tool of the CE21 Manager is Workflows. You have the ability to create specific workflows for yourself and your team. This will streamline the content creation process. As you create your content, you can assign a specific workflow to a product. This will allow your team to understand what stage that product is in. As a cloud-based Learning Management System, we understand that you may not be in the same location as some of your team. Utilizing workflows can allow for a smoother process. And even if you are all together, utilizing workflows will allow for a seamless product creation process.


The dashboard provides you a quick glance on your content’s sales and registration progress.  You can view a yearly comparison by specific product types as well as for individual products.  The dashboard also provides you with a quick glance of your upcoming programs.


Create, manage and set access privileges for your staff’s administrative accounts.  You can also monitor usage, manage departments and disable accounts if necessary.

Certification and Accreditation

If have programs that have specific certification and accreditation requirements that must be met in order for your clients to receive certification or credit, this is the LMS you should consider.  You can choose from multiple options to meet these requirements.  CE21 provides you with all the options possible, so that you can pick and choose what is applicable and so that your programs meet all the necessary certification and accreditation requirements.

Certification and Accreditation Requirements Available 

  • Affidavits – Have your clients certify to a custom message you create
  • Attendance Questions – Use specific or general attendance confirmation question throughout your program to track client’s attendance and participation 
  • Certificates – Create custom certificates for your clients to keep after completing all the content’s requirements
  • Evaluations – Provide evaluations to your clients to gain insight on the success of the content 
  • Forms – Utilize forms to gather important information needed from your clients
  • Participation Codes – Like attendance questions, use participation codes to track client’s attendance and participation
  • Quizzes – Create pop up quizzes or final quizzes to test your clients on the material covered 
  • Tracking – Use time tracking to verify that client’s are viewing the content completely
  • Polling – Create a poll to use during an online program 

Content Sharing

If you have multiple organizations housed under one “parent” organization – the CE21 manager distribution feature can be utilized to distribute content to those organizations.  This unique feature, exclusive to CE21, will help you streamline distribution to other organizations that you manager or just provide content to.  It will save you time and energy.

Want to share your content to other organizations on the CE21 system – even ones you are not directly connected with? Then you will want to utilize the CE21 Sharing Marketplace. For more information about the CE21 Sharing Marketplace, click here!