CE21 Sharing Marketplace

Extending the Value and Reach of Your CE

Access High Value CE Content. Drive Non-Dues Revenue

The CE21 Sharing Marketplace allows you to share your best online education content with other participating CE21 partners. This feature helps you grow both your audience and revenue. You are able to capitalize on the investments you have already made in developing your own content with very little effort. 

This feature is located within the CE21 Manager and allows to you:

  • Leverage the marketing power of other organizations and extend the sale of your content into regions and industries outside of your current arena
  • Fill programming gaps in your educational library with the click of a button
  • Generate additional non-dues revenue using very little staff time and at no additional cost

The decision to share, the content shared, and how that content can be used is completely within your control. You have the power to decide what format or media types should be shared and what industry or education category is appropriate for you content. You can even set minimum or maximum pricing. 

Additionally, you are able to add content to your catalog from other providers in the CE21 Sharing Marketplace. Of course, both sharing in and sharing out are optional and completely up to you. 

What Makes the CE21 Sharing Marketplace unique?

High Valued Content

Content shared and delivered through the CE21 Manager is developed by some of the world’s leading experts in a variety of industries

Your Content is Your Content

You have complete control of the content you share and how it can be used. Plus, you can track how successful that content has been since it was shared.

Advice You Can Count On

CE21 has a content specialist on staff to assist you in identifying topics that generate interest across industries, as well as keep you informed on available content topics.