CE21 Virtual Summits & Classrooms

Move Your Education Online Today

CE21 Virtual Summits & Conferences provide organizations with a vehicle to transform traditional face-to-face events by moving them into the virtual world. You are able to deliver high valued educational content, drive engagement between attendees and presenters, all while removing the barriers to participation due to travel, health, financial or time constraints. 


  • Host single or multi-day events
  • Reduce your overhead by eliminating the need to book a venue
  • Eliminate food and beverage costs
  • Full credit tracking and certification
  • Registration and payment processing
  • Advanced reporting
  • Pre-record sessions and present “live” on a specified date
  • Increase the reach of your educational events to more of your constituents
  • Extend the life of traditional face-to-face events beyond the live dates
  • Repurpose content by providing on-demand access to video replays of your events
  • Generate non-dues revenue through exclusive access to premiere content
  • Allow a forum for sponsors to deliver customized offers to your attendees

Virtual Conferences are a perfect compliment to your large face-to-face events. They can be designed as a lead-in to a major event, helping to drive interest and engagement, as well as provide insights into what attendees are wanting to learn. They can also be designed to extend the value of your big events, helping to maintain the excitement and momentum after your attendees return home.

We all know an important part of the association experience is the ability of members to connect with one another at face-to-face events. That will never change. However, we are all learning how dramatic events can negatively impact face-to-face events, often having major financial implications for organizations like yours. CE21 Virtual Summits & Conference can help you transform your education events when a face-to-face environment is not required.

CE21 Classrooms is a key component of the CE21 Learning Management System. This robust feature allows you to combine previously created content into one extended blended learning experience. Individual course components can be scheduled for a specific time or can be available immediately. 


Each Classroom can have a completely customizable portal. Use on of our templates or your own HTML. Classroom Portals contain all of the components of the Classroom, making navigation for participants a breeze. You are able to add as many components as you wish – forums, sponsor pages, bonus videos, etc.

Enhanced Marketing

You can create customized marketing campaigns, like Facebook ads, banner ads, and emails, to send to your audience. Utilizing our library of customizable templates or your own custom HTML, creating marketing campaigns is a breeze. The robust tracking capabilities allow you to monitor and analyze the success of your marketing efforts. Additionally, you can create multiple marketing campaigns geared towards specific audiences. 


Create an overall certificate for a classroom or create several certificates for the program. The options are limitless with certification in CE21 Classrooms. If you need multiple tests or just an overall test, CE21 can provide you with the tools necessary to set up and offer the certification requirements you need. 

Forums and Chat

Forums and chat allow your clients to communicate just like they would if they were face-to-face. Clients can share videos, photographs, and thoughts throughout the entire Classroom. You can create specific forums for the individual components of the classroom, as well as, an overall general forum.

We finally came across CE21 and it was a completely different conversation. They totally understood the vision – the importance of the events we were creating.

Arianna Rehak

Chief Executive Officer, Matchbox Virtual Media