CE21 Virtual Summits and Conferences

Additionally, you can utilize the CE21 Classroom feature to create a virtual summit or conference. Using a mixture of the features available, you can create an live virtual summit that can bring people all across the world together. The level of engagement during our virtual summits and conferences has been outstanding thus far. Utilizing the CE21 Forums and Chat features available with a CE21 Classroom, we have seen a major increase in communication and participation. Moderators can assist in conversation by asking polling questions, answering questions, and moderating the forum for proper content. 

What is a CE21 Virtual Summit or Conference?

A CE21 Virtual Summit/Conference provides a platform for any association or organization to extend the reach and impact of an educational event to both members and prospects. Single or multi-day events, they remove the barriers to participation due to geographic, financial or time constraints. Designed to be highly interactive, these events provide a catalyst for engagement between attendees, presenters, and staff before, during and after the original broadcast.

  • Increase the reach of your educational events to more of your constituents
  • Extend the life of traditional face-to-face events beyond the live dates
  • Repurpose content by providing on-demand access to video replays of your events
  • Generate non-dues revenue through exclusive access to premiere content

The CE21 Virtual Summit/Conference provides an easy way to take your educational events online and drive greater access and engagement with your key constituents. Take your content beyond the basic webinar experience and deliver more value to both your attendees and presenters. Extend the life of your showcase learning opportunities year-round and generate non-dues revenue to help with your continuing education budget.

This was my first venture into hosting a virtual conference for each organization, and the support and guidance by your technical  staff was outstanding.  I was simply clueless 10 months ago and thought this would, without  a doubt, be a sub-par offering. I was wrong as the CE21 platform and team aided in two highly successful conferences. 

The CE21 experience was highly positive, and I would, without question, recommend the use of your services to those looking to host a virtual offering!

Nadine Popovich

Director, Medical Community Engagement, Pittsburgh Ophthalmology Society