Improve Your CE Business with the CE21 Credit Tracker

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Technology

CE21 is proud to announce another new feature to the CE21 Learning Management System (LMS) – a Credit Tracker! Our credit tracker will allow your users to easily keep track and report their continuing education credit. The credit tracker, just like CE21’s entire LMS, is completely customizable. If you need to alter any of the language on the credit tracker – or change the name completely – you are able to. 

Your users will be able to access the credit tracker by logging into their accounts on your website. On the credit tracker tab within the user’s account – users will see all the credit they have earned on your website. The credit tracker will display all the important information – from sponsor to course title to credits. Additionally, user can add notes to each credit earned. 

Credit Tracker

Additionally, users can add credits they have earned from other providers. They will be able to add in the information of the course, the sponsor, credits earned, any important notes and they can even upload the certificate. This allows users to use your credit tracker for reporting all their continuing education credits – make CE report much easier for the user!

In order to make credit reporting even easier, you can provide your users with transcripts of their credit. In the back-end Manager system, you can create a custom transcript template using our guides. Once you have established a template, your users will be able to easily download, print or email their transcript. 

Interested in learning more about the CE21 Credit Tracker or the entire CE21 LMS? Click on Request a Demo at the top of the page to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives.