CE21 Lighthouse represents the pinnacle of the Membership Management Suite experience. Explore Lighthouse AMS, a powerful and budget-friendly Association Management System (AMS) designed for associations of all sizes. Created by CE21, it seamlessly combines our Trident Learning Management System (LMS) with efficient automation tools, providing a seamless experience for members, staff, and stakeholders. Regardless of size or budget, Lighthouse AMS stands out as the ideal association solution.

One Login for both Staff and Members

Streamline your administrative experience managing members and your WordPress site with a single login. 

Flexible Membership Features

Provide various professional and company-oriented membership options to cater to the diverse requirements of your organization.

Outstanding Customer Support

Devoted to delivering an exceptional customer experience, our Support team is designed to be an extension of your staff. Learn more. 

Lighthouse was developed with an advisory board comprising leaders from more than 80 professional and trade associations. Their invaluable insights guaranteed the fulfillment of a crucial principle – a system offering relevant and user-friendly features.

Through our collaborative endeavors, we persistently enhance and advance our Membership Management Suite, providing your association with a platform that is not only functional and up-to-date but also flexible.

Features Powering Lighthouse:

Turbo Charged Member Management

Utilize CE21 groups, communities, and personalized directories to connect with members actively. Learn more.

Credit Card Vaulting + Recurring Payments

Allows for effortless fundraising and payment processing. Learn more

Mass Email Marketing Tools

Allows you to create, send, optimize, and report on all of your email campaigns from within the system.

Smart Lists

Living, custom queries to pull lists of contacts that you can then email or export to use for reporting.

Automated Groups

Powered by Smart Lists, staff can now save valuable time and resources by allowing Automated Groups to constantly update the appropriate members that should have access to specific content, resources, and pricing. Learn more.


Use different e-commerce accounts to keep revenue streams separate. You can also set re-occurring goals. When setting donation goals, use our platform to visually track progress toward the goal!

Classified Ads

Enable the direct sale of classified ads promoting products, services, or job openings with the flexibility of providing ad posting discounts to members. Learn more

Community Forums

Community forums provide a platform for members to interact, ask questions, and share knowledge, fostering a sense of community among members.


Offer reward points as an earned incentive through making purchases in select categories.

Referral Service

We are excited to announce that Referral Service is coming  around mid-2024. Stay tuned!

Legislative Districts

Using your contact’s address, automatically collect legislative info. Select users by district with our Smart Lists & keep them informed using our Mass Email Marketing tool. Learn more

Certification + Credit Tracking

Tailor your CE programs by leveraging our diverse attendance tracking tools, advanced quizzing features, and automated certificate distribution, all complemented by robust reporting and analytics.

Website Services

Migrate your site while updating the design, enhancing usability, and integrating your educational programming catalog. We help with special projects, too! Learn more. 

We are excited to work with CE21 as our LMS/AMS partner. Their continued willingness to produce a high quality, highly efficient system is paramount to associations and our members and sets them apart from their competitors.

Marc Abla, CAE

Illinois Chiropractic Society