Get to Know Us

John Davis

Chief Executive Officer

John is our CEO, and he “does (his) best to get out of the way of all the amazing people who work for CE21.” He has been working in the CE field for 20+ years, and grows more than half the food he eats in his own backyard. He’s also the proud dad of an emu named Hank. 

Kevin Hodges

Chief Information Officer

Kevin oversees the building, maintaining, and securing of CE21’s robust and scalable online seminar registration and delivery system. He has a BS in Construction Management from Arizona State University and enjoys home improvement and DIY projects, as well as spending time at the beach in Port Aransas.

Reid Stillings

Chief Operations Officer

Reid keeps things humming along in tying together employees, software, and efficiencies with development projects and initiatives that positively impact CE21’s platform and services offerings. In his free time Reid enjoys racquet sports, traveling, and has even been known to play the occasional Battlefield game.

Lisa Wise

VP, Product/Clients

Lisa Wise is VP of Product Management and oversees the development efforts at CE21 to ensure our clients get the best new features and bug fixes out on time. She also documents the new features that come out in our release notes. She loves solving everyday problems, knitting, and karaoke. 

Casey Jones

VP, Sales & Analytics

Casey leads sales efforts and direction for marketing and business development, and he believes it’s crucially important to treat customers as partners. We are all invested in each other and that’s something organizations pick up on right away when coming on board. He also was invited to tryouts for a couple MLB teams when he wore a younger man’s clothes.

Amy Leggett

Office Manager

Amy ensures the office runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis; including managing the HR, payroll and finances, plus feeding the plethora of office fish. She loves traveling and the theater and has a special interest in dragonfly and damselfly watching.

Clint McBride

Client Success Team Lead

Clint heads our Client Services team, and works with our clients to ensure CE21 meets their needs. He’s a nerd for puzzles, so discovering the in’s and out’s of each industry is always a fun challenge. Outside of work he enjoys watching pro wrasslin’ and playing video games, usually with his two wiener dogs Sharon and Charlie.

Kirk Bjorndahl

Customer Support Team Leader

Kirk leads the phone and email Customer Support team, and is also an uncredited inker on a published DC comic book. He also loves drawing caricatures, some of which can be seen for a split second in the 1994 movie “D2: The Mighty Ducks.”

Patrick Sanner

Manager, Media Operations

Patrick assists our clients in delivering world class live webcast experiences and does a lot of CE21’s media wrangling. His favorite part of his job is working with new technologies and tools to create amazing experiences for our clients. He enjoys photography and even has several of his photos in a museum. Patrick has also appeared on-screen in three (3!) Robert Rodriguez films.


Rick Rutherford

VP, Industry Outreach

Rick works with association leaders to introduce them to CE21, and he uses his 35 years of association experience to help them determine how best to serve them and their members. He is also a professional musician, and is currently writing a memoir about his time caring for his father as he battled Alzheimer’s.

Les Weiler

Customer Support Specialist

Les provides technical support for course attendees on the CE21 platform as part of our Customer Support team. He grew up in Texas, but still isn’t sure about the summers, and when not on the phones for CE21 he is a podcast writer and host. 

Liz Peak

Customer Support Specialist

Liz is on the Customer Support team, responding to tickets and answering customer calls. She really enjoys helping customers, especially those who have some trepidation about online education, and thinks it’s great when they see how easy and convenient it is and are no longer worried about it. She also teaches a weekly Shakespeare Theatre class for teenagers, and has two border collies named Finn and Watson and a fluffy gray cat named Peter Parker. 

Braden Davis

Lighthouse Product and Implementation Manager

Braden has been instrumental in the development of Lighthouse, and onboards, trains and supports our Lighthouse clients. He is a huge baseball fan (Go Giants!) and when it comes to music, the heavier the better. 

Rachel High

Event and Content Manager

Rachel handles the coordination and production of Virtual Conferences at CE21. Additionally, she helps out with the coordination of hybrid and live events, as well as creating CE21 training videos which we use for onboarding and documentation. She has a degree in Electronic Media & Media Studies and spends her free time thrift shopping, watching movies, and doing yoga.  

Jax James

Client Success and Engagement Manager

Jax’s role is to convey the exceptional qualities of our products to current and prospective customers. Her role extends to client relationship management, where she excels at cultivating satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth. Jax also leads internal and external marketing efforts, trade show coordination, and dynamic social media engagement. She is an art enthusiast who finds joy in exploring the scenic beauty of Texas on invigorating hikes and cherishes moments with her cherished child and loyal canine companion.

Jaime Spicer

Implementation Specialist

In her position at CE21, Jaime is an integral part of our Documentation and Training team, which allows her to use her writing skills to create high-value content and further develop and improve our LMS training processes. She is very involved in Client Services, working closely with our incredible training guru Lisa Wise.

Grant Johnson

Media Production Specialist

Grant handles media production and videography, facilitating tech runs and hosting Zoom Powered Webcasts. He’s interested in media of all types and likes to see its effects on people, both from an entertainment and a professional standpoint. He also enjoys hiking and playing videogames in his spare time. 

Natalee Peak

Junior Documentation and Support Specialist

Natalee spends most of her time in the Help Bucket helping clients get their questions answered. She works with the development team, the documentation team, and various projects around CE21. She enjoys art, outdoor adventures, and taking care of her senior kitty cat nicknamed Stinky. 

Isabel Leggett

Implementation Specialist

Isabel is another member of our Customer and Technical Support team, as well as assisting with Virtual Conferences and onboarding clients. She’s into backpacking, outdoor teaching, and outdoor survival, and is the owner of three cats, a couple of dogs, and two box turtles

Emma Hodges

Customer Support Specialist

Emma is part of our Support team, which assists customers by answering calls and tickets sent to Help and Customer Support. She loves traveling, and wants to visit as many places as she can (her favorite places so far are Roatan, Honduras and New York City). 

Akila Wienecke

Customer Support Specialist

Akila is the most recent addition to our Customer Support team, and provides technical support for course attendees. She has lived in Austin, TX for over two decades, and her happy place would be on a cruise vacation with good food and the soothing sounds of the sea.

Craig Harris

Software Developer

Craig works deep in the code, researching and building new features to keep CE21 ahead of the times. In his free time he plays board games and watches cartoons with his wife, but still carves out time to chase his sci-fi dreams building VR games and tinkering with AI. 

Hank the Emu

CE21 Community Ambassador

Hank the Emu currently lives in Austin, TX, with John Davis (at least until he figures out how to jump the fence). Hank  is CE21’s Community Ambassador and hosts a regular vlog called “Hanging with Hank”. He’s also fairly sure he has Velociraptors somewhere in his family lineage.