Discover the spotlight-worthy CE21 Trident Learning Management System (LMS), a cutting-edge cloud-based solution for CE registration, delivery, and automated certification. Trident empowers members to elevate their professional knowledge, keeping them up-to-date with the latest developments, regulations, and standards.

Every facet of the system, from the images and labels employed to the catalog and viewer layouts, can be tailored to suit the specific CE requirements of your organization. Operating within Microsoft Azure cloud services, the system’s flexibility ensures it has the bandwidth and computing power to meet our customers’ demands.



An administrative portal for staff to manage everything. Log in and access unified toolsets that save time and money. We give you the tools to customize to your needs, in real-time. 


A customizable catalog that provides learners with product pages, widgets, custom pages and menu navigation, customer accounts, program viewers and a shopping cart experience. And much more!


The CE21 browser-based viewer allows learners to easily view (and review) program content, complete certification steps and interact with other attendees and/or speakers.

CE21’s Trident LMS is a remarkably adaptable and customizable platform created to be easily accessible on various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Within the Trident LMS, there are numerous components at your disposal, allowing you to select those that best suit the requirements of your staff, customers, and/or members.


CE21 Presenter

The CE21 Presenter is a robust cloud-based tool that allows for easy  uploading, editing and arrangement of video content for your courses. It is also a live broadcast management tool allowing for the  effective monitoring and powering of the needs surrounding a live stream.

Product Management

Within CE21 Manager, you can create and customize various product types such as live events, live webcasts, webinars, video replays, on demands, video downloads, ebooks, scorm, physical products and more!

Classrooms & Virtual Conferences

Offers a structured learning path that incorporates various media types. Classrooms are usually self-paced, while Virtual Conferences typically include live webcasts, video replays, webinars, and other live interactive content.

Testing & Certification

Customize your continuing education programs using our diverse attendance tracking tools, advanced quizzing features, and automated certificate distribution.


Effortlessly extract and analyze your data through customizable reports, graphs, and statistics, covering sales, program completion data, shopping trends, and beyond.

Sharing Marketplace

Share your program content with other associations via a sharing marketplace hub, capturing additional revenue. Learn more.

Help Desk Ticketing System

Jump into our easy-to-use helpdesk system that allows one to communicate, view and track customer interactions. No more $50/user/mo support agent fees. 

CE21 Mobile App

The mobile app allows learners to access their content anytime, anywhere, including offline viewing.

Regatta Event Services

CE21 provides a range of services to tailor your event experience and supercharge your Trident LMS offerings. Whether capturing and streaming in-person events, blending physical and virtual components, or hosting entirely virtual conferences—each with comprehensive accreditation features, we’ve got you covered. Learn more.

CE21 Catalog and Mobile App

Both the AMS & LMS system are easy to use. CE21 has the best customer service, if you have an issue they will get back to you right away. If it is something that the system can’t currently do they will create a ticket so the system can do that task in the future.

Teresa Roland

Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association