The CE21 Sharing Marketplace facilitates the exchange of online education content among participating partners. Users can share their top educational materials and incorporate content from other partners to enhance their library seamlessly. This feature aims to expand audience reach and increase revenue, providing an opportunity to maximize the investment in educational resources.

Housed in CE21’s Trident Learning Management Service (LMS), the Sharing Marketplace offers two distinct options to drive revenue: 


Harness the marketing influence of other organizations by sharing your content in the marketplace and integrating it into their education libraries. 

Establish a minimum price, earning revenue from individual program sales. 

Expand your content’s reach into new regions and industries beyond your current scope.


Bridge programming gaps effortlessly in your library with a simple click. 

Enrich your catalog by choosing programs from premier speakers. 

Customize pricing and earn revenue from program sales.

CE21 sends out a monthly Sharing Marketplace Digest highlighting content from our CE21 partners to help explore various subject areas and disciplines that may interest your organization.