The CE21 Sharing Marketplace allows you to share your best online education content with other participating CE21 partners. You can also add content from other CE21 partners to your catalog, helping to fill programming gaps within your educational library with the click of a button. This feature helps you grow your audience and revenue, allowing you to capitalize on the investments you have already made in developing your content with minimal effort.

Located within the CE21’s Trident Learning Management Service (LMS), the Sharing Marketplace provides the ability to drive non-dues revenue through two distinct options:


Leverage the marketing power of other organizations by sharing your existing content in the marketplace, making it in their education libraries.

You set the minimum price and receive revenue from the individual sales of those programs.

Extend the reach of your content into regions and industries outside your current arena.


Fill programming gaps within your educational library with the click of a button. 

Select programs from some of the world’s leading experts to enhance the offerings in your catalog. 

Set custom pricing and receive revenue from the sales of those programs.

CE21 sends out a monthly Sharing Marketplace Digest highlighting content from our CE21 partners to help explore various subject areas and disciplines that may interest your organization.