Have You Seen the View From Lighthouse?

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Navigator, Thought Leadership

It is getting to the time of year when associations look at options for their technology needs as the new year quickly approaches. If you are thinking about making a change with your AMS, we would like to offer CE21 Lighthouse for your consideration.

CE21 Lighthouse is our AMS product, and our approach in developing it has been unique from the very beginning. Through our years of experience working closely with associations we believe that continuing education is at the center of the member experience. As an old boss once said, “you have to keep learning to keep earning.”

We built Lighthouse with our LMS infrastructure as the foundation of the product. No APIs or bridges required for our AMS and LMS to communicate with one another. Single sign-on means something different to us. One login for staff and members to use our system. One database to collect the valuable data generated by your members’ and prospects’ activities. No need to pass that info back and forth – it’s there in one system as intended.

What does that mean to you? With Lighthouse we create operational efficiencies through automation that enable an association’s staff to work more strategically in how they engage members, allowing them to better serve member needs. This means fewer clerical tasks required of staff, getting them out of the weeds and focused on finding innovative ways to better serve the organization.

When you consider the power of having an AMS and LMS in one system along with access to our virtual and hybrid event services, CE21 is creating a mind shift in how associations meet the needs of members today and into the future. If you would like to learn more about Lighthouse, click here to reserve a time for your personal demo.