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CE21 is dedicated to learning, aiming to assist organizations seamlessly throughout their lifecycle. We listen, learn, and transform insights into technology that offers valuable educational content to members and customers in a versatile and effective way. 

Developed to address longstanding issues faced by associations and non-profits, CE21 integrates a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) and Association Management System (AMS) into a unified platform. This solution caters to evolving organizational needs, extending to Event Services that support in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. Ultimately, our focus is on providing intuitive and user-friendly technology.

CE21’s success is grounded in innovation, integrity, respect, and transparent communication with our customers spanning the United States and beyond. Our daily motivation stems from providing exceptional customer service and recognizing that our achievements are intricately linked to our customer’s success. We are dedicated to upholding these values in every facet of our business as we navigate the challenges of the 21st century. CE21 is excited to be able to leverage our extensive expertise to enhance your experience. 

The requirements for providing ongoing education and managing memberships can vary significantly from one organization to another. Our technology platform is designed to be highly adaptable and flexible, starting from the foundation. This flexibility enables organizations to focus less on the intricacies of implementation and more on efficiently delivering top-notch content to their clientele. CE21 is committed to maintaining professionalism with a personal touch, aiming to represent you as seamlessly as we were an extension of your staff.

A View From The Deck

John Davis


Back in 2014 when we started thinking about CE21, I was amazed to discover that most of the larger issues that existed when I entered the association industry in 1998 still existed.

Associations were still required to have multiple systems to fully serve their membership.  This meant learning (and paying for) multiple complex software systems such as an association management system (AMS), a learning management system (LMS), an event management system, and a handful of peripheral systems just to perform the basic day-to-day tasks of their organizations.

We made the decision to build CE21 because we were confident we could solve these problems by creating a single system that could address the majority of an association’s technology needs. We began with our award-winning Trident LMS in 2015 and then launched Lighthouse, our combined LMS+AMS system late 2019.  Hundreds of associations are already seeing the time and monetary benefits of working in that combined system.

Next, we sailed into the world of our Regatta Event Services. We immediately saw the immense value that virtual and hybrid events could have in the new reality of a pandemic world.  Since its release, our Virtual Conference infrastructure has hosted hundreds of annual meetings and complex multi-day events for our customers – in many cases increasing the overall revenue obtained from the event.

Moving forward, I’m keenly aware that our success is intrinsically tied to our customer’s success. Thus, my commitment as we enter 2022 is to continue to innovate and create in a way that responds to our customers wants and needs rather than one fixated solely on corporate profitability.  

CE21 mascot and Davis family emu Hank