At CE21, we provide a robust set of features to fulfill your various business needs. We understand that your business is complex and unique – which is why we provide multiple integration possibilities and complete customization as part of our services.

  • Custom API

    The CE21 API features a RESTful architecture, allowing you to code in the language of your choice. With use of this API, you can automate complex business processes and can integrate all kinds of apps with CE21. All calls to the CE21 API require authentication and are secured by TLS encryption.

  • Registration Import

    If you take orders using an existing system or workflow and do not have the resources to handle programming with a direct API integration, you can use the import registration feature within the CE21 Manager.

  • Simple Seminar Delivery

    Using a very simple set of API calls, it is possible to use CE21 strictly for program delivery after handing registrations in your own system. You would still have the benefit of reporting and other administrative features in the CE21 Manager. Additionally, much of the time, it is necessary to provide completion information for the programs to an external tracking system. This information can be automatically retrieved from CE21 via an API.

  • User Account and E-Commerce Systems

    It is often the case that registration information is collected via multiple processes. In addition to registrants using the CE21 Catalog, API calls can be made to CE21 to create user accounts and add registrants. Many companies have made extensive investments into registration and e-commerce systems and may wish to continue using these systems for their online education offerings.

Lighthouse AMS by CE21

Designed to be the most powerful and affordable membership management system accessible to any association, regardless of size or budget, Lighthouse empowers your staff to deliver on your association’s mission.