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Well…we had a week

In case you haven’t heard or saw it on the news, we had a little bit of a weather issue last week in Texas. A winter storm, unlike any we have ever experience here, left 4.4 million people across the state without power for multiple days as temperatures remained below freezing for a week. On top of that 14.4 million Texans lost their water. Sadly, there are still people dealing with the aftermath of the storm. The cost…well, we won’t get into that.

We weren’t immune. This affected everyone at CE21, but it did not stop us. Our team is resilient and resourceful and dedicated to our customers and each other. Some of our team moved to their families to hotels to keep working. Some slept at our office when that was one of the few locations with power (heat).

Throughout all of this we successfully hosted four major virtual conferences during the storm. You probably didn’t notice and that’s a good thing. Our commitment to your success is very real for us. We always want you to know we have your back when you need us, and we’ll do what we need to do to make that happen, regardless of the weather. Our CE21 team (aka work family) is a very special group, never more evident than during the past week. We are blessed.

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Rick Rutherford