The Right Technology Can Level the Continuing Education Playing Field

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Thought Leadership

There is no question that technology is a powerful and essential tool for transforming how people access learning –  especially continuing education and professional development. This has become even more evident as the world has learned to grapple with a pandemic and the changes it has generated. It can enhance the relationship between continuing education providers and learners, creating a rich environment where organizations can create new approaches to learning and collaboration; and by doing so potentially remove equity and accessibility gaps, while delivering an  experience that meets the growing needs of learners. 

Associations will need to come to grips with the evolving needs and changing attitudes of members, especially regarding continuing education. Digital disruption thrives in the continuing education space,  and associations will continue to face increasing competition from multiple sources. It is no longer practical to operate continuing education programs  with a non-profit mentality and expect to maintain success. 

The good news is the LMS solutions currently available can go a long way to help level the playing field. Learn more about how CE21’s technology can help you by checking out our Resource Library.