Hanging with Hank: Virtual Conferences

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Company News

Hanging with Hank: Virtual Conferences

By Hank

Hank the Emu chats with Clint McBride, CE21’s Virtual Conference Manager, to explore our Virtual Conference services. 


Hank: Welcome, Clint! As CE21’s Virtual Conference Manager, how has the pandemic shaped the CE21 Virtual Conference services?

Clint: The last few years have proven how important it is for associations to stay nimble and flexible. When the pandemic started in 2020, CE21 saw an opportunity to help fill a gap for our Lighthouse Learning Management System (LMS) clients. Previously, we had worked with LMS clients to host their own events. What started as helping a few LMS clients save their events, turned into a dramatic shift with over 28M hours of streaming content through our platform.

This also meant a big change for me! I went from training and onboarding clients on how to use the CE21 LMS system to helping dozens of clients host their own virtual events through the CE21 platform. This includes helping navigate the delivery logistics, how credits work for each event, how to fully customize the look and interaction of the event, and support throughout the lifecycle of the event. Through this collaborative process, I believe we show our clients our commitment and care for their event. 


Hank: How have the Virtual Conference services empowered our clients to pivot their events? 

Clint: By taking the time to understand each client’s needs, CE21 ensures our technology will meet and adjust to these needs. This ability to think outside the box and quickly pivot to a new way of envisioning events meant that many of our clients were able to save events that would otherwise have had to have been canceled. Now that things are starting to open back up, we see more people trying to embrace the hybrid approach to events, which is where the industry was trending before. 


Hank: What are some of the ways CE21 is committed to continuing to improve the user experience? 

Clint: The CE21 Platform empowers you to mix and match features to design the ideal event for your attendees. CE21 is dedicated to making sure our services and platform offer an optimal performance for both our association clients and their end users participating in their events. Our most recent enhancement is to our event data analytics and reports. Learn more about the outstanding features we offer for our in-person, virtual and hybrid event services.


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