Hanging with Hank: Exploring CE21’s New Mass Email Marketing Tool

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Documentation, Technology, Thought Leadership

Hanging with Hank: Exploring CE21’s New Mass Email Marketing Tool

By Hank

Hank the Emu chats with John Davis, CE21’s CEO and founder, to explore how our clients utilize our newest tool for mass email marketing. 


Hank: Welcome, John! We are all excited to have you here to tell us about our newest feature release. Why did we decide to create this Mass Email Marketing tool?

John: In our mission to continue improving our platform, we have created a Mass Email Marketing tool inside of the Manager. Because we are constantly endeavoring to deliver on our promise of streamlining our client’s experience with one login to one system, we wanted to give our clients a special feature they have been requesting – a mass email marketing tool that creates, sends, tests, optimizes, and reports on their email campaigns.


Hank: Can you tell us about the features of the Mass Email Marketing tool? 

John: The Mass Email Marketing tool will utilize our Smart Lists, which is a query and criteria building tool that empowers you to build your own custom query to pull a list of customer and company contacts that fall into your selected criteria and email them. Our system runs regular checks that keep your smart list fresh with living updates which ensures that contacts currently meet the criteria parameters you have set. This is important because it also keeps your day to day work all in one system, which can already be set up so it is mostly automated. Additionally, we offer the ability to create your own template or use a simple template that we have provided for you. This makes customizing your marketing emails for sales, leads and follow ups even easier.


Hank: Are there any future plans for the Mass Email Marketing Tool? 

John: We are currently working on adding the ability to drag and drop components into the email templates. We are also working to add the ability to include exclusion options for future sends. For example, let’s say you sent an email out and you want to resend it to the smart list of your choice but you do not want to include those who have already opened the email. We want you to have that level of customization. As always, we endeavor to listen and learn from you and translate those lessons into technology that delivers a high valued product that is versatile and effective.


Hank: What else do you want to let our clients know about the tool? 

John: CE21 is offering this feature at no cost to our current clients until 10/1/2023. We want to encourage our tenants to test out the new tool and engage with us on feedback as we further perfect this newly released tool. 


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