Hanging with Hank: Exploring CE21’s White Glove Services

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Documentation, Technology, Thought Leadership

Hanging with Hank: Exploring CE21’s White Glove Services

By Hank

In this episode, Hank the Emu chats with our White Glove team, Reid Stillings (VP of Operations), Clint McBride (Virtual Conference Manager), Jax James (Marketing Coordinator), and Rick Rutherford (VP of Industry Outreach) to explore how CE21’s White Glove Services support your organization’s efforts to delivering premium – prompt and tailor-made – services to you with acute attention to detail. 


Hank: Welcome, Team! We are excited to have you here to share a little about our White Glove Services. Clint, what does Course Creation entail for our clients?

Clint: CE21 now offers a full service course creation. This service is ideal for small offices, new staff learning the platform, volunteer based organizations, or those that need to quickly ramp up to more complex programming. Our team will work with your organization to establish a core product template to use for  events and programs which establishes the parameters on accreditation and more. Then use a personalized questionnaire created just for you for future submissions. We then create the programs for you! This service’s pricing is based on client needs and uniqueness of programming. 


Hank: Reid, can you tell us about our Live Production Services? 

Reid: We offer Live Production Services available both on-site and virtually. Our most popular service is the Zoom Powered Webcasts where Zoom is the production tool but the end user enjoys a fully branded Viewer experience with all of the bells and whistles you need, like speaker profiles, certification requirements, chat forums and more. This provides a seamless attendee experience. Our ZoomTech will manage all of the work behind the scenes for you. 

You can also use our videography services for Live Webcasts, transforming an on-site conference into a hybrid production where people can participate in person and virtually. CE21 offers live production services with a nationwide videography network  of highly experienced videographers who can come to your event to handle all of the technical details needed to assure a quality product.


Hank: Rick, how does Website Enhancements make our client’s lives easier? 

Rick: CE21 makes migrating your website to our system a breeze. We’ll take the design of your old site and adapt it to a new custom WordPress template updating the look and feel with an eye towards enhancing the usability for your staff, members, and visitors. This includes integrating your educational programming catalog into your site for a seamless experience. CE21 offers an annual allowance of hours for website maintenance, but you have the option to utilize the time for special projects or needs your organization has. Your staff will be trained on how to edit and maintain your website – there’s no need to depend on people outside of your organization to perform these tasks. Of course, we remain available post training to provide any support needed to keep your website user-friendly for all your visitors.


Hank: Jax, what other White Glove Services are on the horizon? 

Jax: In addition to our current marketing features, we will be rolling out additional marketing offerings in summer 2023. This will include branded image collateral creation for email and social media promotion as well as branded slide decks, pre-roll, virtual conference pages and additional add-ons. 


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