Hanging with Hank: Exploring Automated Groups

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Documentation, Technology, Thought Leadership

Hanging with Hank: Exploring Automated Groups

By Hank

In this episode of Hanging with Hank, Hank the Emu chats with Braden Davis, CE21’s Affiliate and AMS Manager, to explore how our new Automated Groups impact some of the member management features of our Lighthouse Association Management System (AMS).


Hank:  What is an automated group?

Braden:  CE21 offers eight types of groups – Sections, Subscriptions, Membership, Company-Based Membership, Communities, Committees, Chapters, Administrative, and now Automated Groups. These group types help ensure that your content and offerings appear under the appropriate tab in the end user’s account. 


Hank:  What powers our automated groups? 

Braden:  The new Automated Groups run off of our Smart List feature, a living, custom query that pulls lists of contacts that we have traditionally used for email or export for reporting. Now Smart Lists fuel a new way to distribute super-customized content delivery to your end users. By setting your custom criteria in your Smart List and connecting that to the Automated Group, you will allow constantly updated access to specific content, resources, and forums.


Hank:  How do automated groups improve our client’s experience? 

Braden: You no longer have to manually manage the people in each group and thereby continue to save staff time and resources. It further ensures that only those who should have access, do and automatically removes anyone who no longer qualifies based on the criteria you set in your Smart List. 


Hank:  How do automated groups improve the end user’s experience? 

Braden:  They allow our clients to offer their end users highly customized price adjustments and bundles on content and resources based on detailed, living criteria. For example, let’s say you have medical continuing education programming, resource documents, and forum access that you want to bundle together. You can set up an Automated Group so those items can be offered at differing discounts such as Doctors receiving 50% off, Nurse Practitioners getting 25% off, and staff being offered 10% off. Additionally, you can group together several products and sell them as one unit for a set price for just the automated group. There is also an option to allow users to build their bundle which can graduate their savings as they buy more. CE21 is excited to share this new way to distribute super-customized content delivery to your members.


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