CE21 is dedicated to delivering a versatile, efficient, and user-friendly experience, establishing us as leaders in the continuing education industry. We understand that event requirements are dynamic, which is why we offer a range of services to customize your event to your exact specifications. Whether you need to record and stream in-person events, host hybrid events that combine in-person and virtual elements, or conduct entirely virtual conferences, we have the solutions (and certification features) to meet your needs.

With over 42 million hours of streaming content on our platform, CE21 has a wealth of expertise in what makes an event successful. Let us help you craft your event to perfection.

Make Waves with Regatta Event Services!

Virtual/Hybrid Conference Management

CE21 offers white glove virtual conference management services to facilitate smooth sailing to event success.

You will be assigned a CE21 Virtual Conference expert who will manage, guide, set up, and support all facets of your virtual events.

Videography & Zoom Services

CE21’s Event Production Service can assist you in supplying deliverable program content to your catalog and/or virtual conference.

Whether on-site live streaming, recording for later repurposing, or entirely remote Zoom Powered Webcasts, CE21 will tailor the production to fit your needs.

Virtual Conference Theme Examples

The possibilities are endless, with many virtual conference templates, colors, and customizable pages while always matching your brand identity.

Learn more about our Regatta Virtual Conference Services.

Event Production Services

With over 3,000 livestream projects under our belt, CE21 is experienced in navigating the waters of making event videography (or remote Zoom productions) a success.

Expand your reach by making an in-person event into a hybrid conference with CE21’s Regatta Event Production Services.

Man with video camera filming in-person conference event

I enjoy all of my interactions with the CE21 team. Our virtual and now hybrid events are top tier. I also appreciate that you listen to feedback and ideas to improve the products and services for everyone.

Brenda Dill

Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association