CE21 is dedicated to a versatile, effective, and intuitive experience, making us the vanguard of the continued education industry. CE21 understands that event needs can change quickly, so we offer a spectrum of services to help you customize your event. We can help you record and stream your in-person events, host events that incorporate in-person and virtual components, and host a fully virtual conference, all with robust accreditation features. If event circumstances change, we can help you pivot to another CE21 service. 

With over 42M hours of streaming content on our platform, CE21 has the extensive expertise to understand what makes a successful event and can help you design the right meeting environment for your organization. 

Virtual Conferences

The CE21 Platform empowers you to mix and match features to design the ideal event for your attendees! Utilizing CE21’s powerful features, you can create dynamic live or simulated-live programs that make it possible to connect people across the world. Here are a few features:

  • Customizable Viewer infrastructure design to promote your brand
  • Live Chat/Forums allow attendees to engage with peers, speakers, vendors, or sponsors within the conference
  • Complex attendance tracking, built-in quizzing, evaluations, polling, and automated certificate distribution
  • Options for sponsor/exhibitor space, as well as vendor/attendee engagement
  • Speaker profiles
  • Track data analytics to adjust and improve for future events
  • Generate non-dues revenue through exclusive access to premiere content
  • Full technical support on hand to assist your attendees

    And more!

For our LMS Customers, you can extend the life of face-to-face events and Virtual Conferences beyond the live dates by repurposing content into on-demand access to video replays. This extends the life of your showcase learning opportunities year-round and generates non-dues revenue to help with your continuing education budget. Read more about Virtual Conferences here.

Hybrid Events

CE21 bridges the divide between in-person and virtual conferences by facilitating impactful hybrid events that bring together the best of both and enable associations to be flexible and adaptable, therefore reaching more members. In an ever-changing and more global world, hybrid events allow for expanded reach and engagement which increases non-dues revenue and reduces overhead costs, all while increasing the value of your event well past the live date.

The CE21 Team has decades of experience working with organizations to help host their educational events –in–person, virtually, or the newest iteration, hybrid. Going hybrid provides you with the ability to design the event that will bring the greatest value to your attendees. Learn more about adding hybrid events to your CE strategy here.

  • Presenters can stream to an in-person or virtual location, increasing access to today’s most popular speakers
  • Virtual trade shows provide enhanced value to your sponsors and exhibitors
  • Tap into our Nationwide Network of Videographers who have successfully helped CE21 deliver hybrid events to audiences since 2018
  • Simultaneously stream live sessions to online attendees throughout the live in-person event
  • Hold pre- and post-conference events virtually, open to all attendees leading up to or following the main in-person event
  • Hold concurrent virtual events with access to select sessions exclusive to online attendees

CE21 Nationwide Videography Network

As part of the live event services CE21 can provide to our LMS customers, CE21 offers a nationwide videography network that can provide live webcasting and/or recordings that can be a better experience for an attendee than being there in person.

At CE21, we understand that not everyone has the staff available to handle recording a live webcast or webcasting a presentation. This is why we have created a nationwide videography network of local and highly experienced videographers who will come to your event to handle the technical details needed to assure a quality recording.

Our network of local and highly experienced videographers can come to your event to handle the technical details needed to assure a quality live streaming experience. Our videographers will arrive on-site early to set up, test the Internet, test audio, and work with the event location’s staff to provide the best possible solutions for the production.

Between 2015 and 2020, CE21 received nearly 2,000 separate live webcast bookings utilizing our videography network, so we know a thing or two about navigating the (sometimes) wild west of event venues.

For our LMS customers, requesting a videographer is simple and easy! Simply go here and fill out this form to check on availability for your event.

Past CE21 conferences using the Virtual Summit platform
I enjoy all of my interactions with the CE21 team. Our virtual and now hybrid events are top tier. I also appreciate that you listen to feedback and ideas to improve the products and services for everyone.
Brenda Dill
Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association
Man with video camera filming in-person conference event
Clint McBride, Manager of Client Services, videographing at an in-person live event

Dynamic Virtual Events for a Changing World

With over 42M hours of streaming content on our platform, CE21 has the extensive expertise to understand what makes a successful event and can help you design the right meeting environment for your organization.