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Hanging with Hank: Exploring Member Management 

Hanging with Hank: Exploring Member Management

By Hank

Hank the Emu chats with Braden Davis, CE21’s Affiliate and AMS Manager, to explore some of the member management features of our Lighthouse Association Management Service (AMS). 


Hank: Welcome, Braden! As CE21’s Affiliate and AMS Manager, what are some of the highlights of our Lighthouse AMS platform? 

Braden: We designed the platform to be the most powerful and affordable membership management system accessible to any association, regardless of size or budget. One of the best examples of this is that it combines the AMS (Lighthouse) and LMS into one platform. Staff can find membership and profile data, certification logs, registrations history and more. Members can easily access all of their membership information, donation information and continuing education. We even have a webinar to walk our clients/tenants through the basics of our membership management. 

CE21 offers a range of professional and company-based memberships that meet the diverse needs of an association including automated membership renewals with our recurring payment and credit card vaulting features. We focus on automation to free up staff so they can turn their attention to their members in the ever changing association world.  With our integration with WordPress it makes it easy for staff to keep their website up to date with the most relevant content. CE21 also empowers organizations with internal and external tagging, the c