Hanging with Hank: Exploring SMS Notifications

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Documentation, Technology, Thought Leadership

Hanging with Hank: Exploring SMS Notifications

By Hank

In this episode of Hanging with Hank, Hank the Emu chats with Isabel Leggett, CE21’s Implementation Specialist, to explore how our SMS Notification feature can facilitate communication between our clients and their members or end users. 


Hank: What notification types does CE21 offer? 

Isabel: CE21 offers various types of notifications, such as Pop-Up, Membership Alerts, Cart, Email, and SMS Notifications. Membership notifications include renewal and payment reminders, which can be customized to direct members to a specific location. SMS notifications are useful for improving communication with end-users. Membership payment reminders are set mainly for manual payers and for outstanding invoices. There are multiple templates available for upcoming and outstanding reminders, while renewal reminders aim to establish a personal connection with members and can be sent via email or SMS with additional links to blogs or community posts.


Hank: How do the SMS notifications work? 

Isabel: When a client enables the SMS templates, customers and members can opt-in to receive Live Events, Live Webcasts, Webinars, and Video Replay reminders.  For those using our AMS, members can also opt-in to receive membership payment and renewal reminders.


Hank: How do members or end users opt in to SMS notifications? 

Isabel: Clients can use a pop-up alert or email notification to let their members or end-users know they can opt-in to important updates via SMS. This allows clients to engage with special interests or resource groups in a seamless way. Members or end-users can opt-in to SMS notifications via the Notification Options tab on the main page of their account. 


Hank: How does this help our clients? 

Isabel: One of the most significant benefits of CE21’s SMS Notification feature is how easy it is to use. Clients can set their template standards and then forget about it. There are no charges on their end. This provides another avenue for our clients to reach out and has contact with their customers and members.


Hank: Are there any future plans for the SMS Notifications? 

Isabel: Currently, you can set the SMS and email notification differently but we are working to allow you to set the notification setting and let it apply to all notification types. This will provide uniformity across the notification types and options.  We will also be working to build the ability to send one-off SMS notifications to customers and members just like we have with our email functionality.


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