Hanging with Hank: Exploring Legislative Districts

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Documentation, Technology, Thought Leadership

Hanging with Hank: Exploring Legislative Districts

By Hank

In this episode of Hanging with Hank, Hank the Emu chats with Braden Davis, CE21’s Lighthouse AMS Product Manager, to explore our Legislative District feature and how it works as a targeting and engagement tool.


Hank: What are Legislative Districts? 

Braden: A legislative district is a geographically defined area where voters elect legislators to represent them at the local, state, and national levels. The people who live inside these districts are the legislator’s constituents. Our API connection with OpenStates.Org pulls over the information for the US Congress, state governors, and state legislatures.


Hank: How are contacts matched with their district and kept up to date?

Braden: Contacts are matched to the appropriate legislator by their complete address. Districts are updated after redistricting or an election cycle. Our system automatically updates from Open States API to reflect new districts and legislators. Once redistricting occurs and is updated in CE21, you can update all your contact’s legislative information based on their default address in bulk. In addition, you can update the district to reflect the change if there is a special election. You can also update any secondary addresses manually. This action ensures you have the most current legislative information for your end users.


Hank: How do our clients and end users use the Legislative District feature?  

Braden: Using our Smart Lists, CE21’s clients select end users by the legislative district. In conjunction with our Mass Email Marketing Tool, our clients can encourage actions from their users or keep them updated on current events. In their profile, the end user can see who represents them at the state and federal levels. The Legislative District feature is a vital targeting and engagement tool.


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