Hanging with Hank: Exploring Recurring Dues Payments and Donations

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Documentation, Technology, Thought Leadership

Hanging with Hank: Exploring Recurring Dues Payments and Donations

By Hank

In this episode of Hanging with Hank, Hank the Emu chats with Casey Jones, CE21’s VP of Sales and Analytics, to explore how our automated membership process is more efficient for staff and more convenient for the members while boosting member retention. 


Hank: How do Recurring Dues Payments work? 

Casey: CE21’s automated Recurring Dues Payment feature removes the need for the traditional time-consuming membership renewal campaigns, ensuring that no member forgets to renew when it is time. Associations can set their membership dues up to be collected monthly, semi-annual, annually, and more. Members just enable automatic payments to make sure that their membership never lapses. This helps create greater operational efficiencies, making the membership renewal process easier for staff and more convenient for members. 


Hank: What if the association has escalating tiers of membership?

Casey: Renewal automation makes sure that when a membership is renewed it is being charged at the correct membership tier. Associations often have escalating tiers of membership where the renewal process is manual, which can inadvertently allow people to renew at an incorrect tier, potentially costing the organization revenue. By utilizing our automated process, you can ensure all members properly advance from one tier to the next. We have brought on new clients before who discovered that they were losing tens of thousands of dollars with their manual process. Now all those funds are being properly collected and records are more accurate without any action being taken by staff or the member. 


Hank: How do reminders work? 

Casey: The association can send a reminder before the member’s card is charged and then send a follow-up email with a receipt once the card has been charged. You can customize how your organization wants reminders to go out.


Hank: How does credit card vaulting help with this process? 

Casey: Recurring Payments are powered by our credit card vaulting functionality, where our e-commerce processor works with most major banking institutions to keep a member’s credit card information current, even in cases of a lost or expired credit card. This allows for uninterrupted fundraising and payment processing.


Hank: How does the CE21’s platform handle Donations?

Casey: For organizations needing to keep revenue streams separate, like for PAC or tax-deductible donations, you can set up two e-commerce streams that will flow those funds into the appropriate account making accounting easier for the association. You can also set recurring goals. When setting donation goals, you can use our platform to visually track progress toward the goal!


Hank: Can the CE21 platform help members as well? 

Casey:  The platform gives the members the ability to upgrade their membership, even allowing for the cost to be pro-rated if they are not at their renewal date. Members can access their profiles and review their payment, invoice, and renewal history. This all makes for an effortless process for the associations’ staff and members. 


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