Hanging with Hank: Exploring Certification and Accreditation Tools

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Documentation, Technology, Thought Leadership

Hanging with Hank: Exploring Certification and Accreditation Tools

By Hank

In this episode of Hanging with Hank, Hank the Emu chats with Lisa Wise, CE21’s VP of Product and Clients, to explore our customizable Certification and Accreditation Tools. 


Hank: How exactly does the CE21 platform revolutionize the management of Certification and Accreditation?

Lisa: At CE21, our platform empowers organizations to navigate Certification and Accreditation effortlessly. Using their industry’s certification rules and requirements, our clients create programs that can track a user’s time, pop-up codes, polls, or “are you there” style messages in the Viewer, allow speakers to interact live with the users, issue quizzes, surveys, or affidavits. Our tools are built to be easy to use so that users can receive credit easily while still jumping through all the necessary hoops. Once the users have met their requirements, we issue their certificates and provide our clients with detailed completion reports.


Hank: What is the Credit Tracker feature? 

Lisa: Within their account, users will always be able to track the programs taken within the CE21 catalog from their account page. However, to make our clients’ catalogs a trusted one-stop shop for their users, we have also built a “Credit Tracker” tool that allows the end user to see those course and credit details in a customizable table in a transcript format, search by date range, total the credits, print a transcript, and the best part: add courses they’ve taken elsewhere! They can even upload their certificates from that other provider in case they’re ever audited. This really makes our clients the go-to for credit programs since their users can track everything in one spot. 


Hank: How does a client set up the Credit Tracker? 

Lisa: Setting up the Credit Tracker is a breeze and can be found in the Manager Settings area. Once enabled, it will become another tab in the user’s account on the catalog. Clients can create their own personalized credit tracker with a transcript featuring message tokens for added personalization. There are settings to total the credits or not and allow users to add courses taken elsewhere. Our clients are in control!


Hank: How does this benefit our client’s end user? 

Lisa: Our platform lets the users download certificates and transcripts through their user portal easily. They can keep these records for their personal reference or submit them to their accrediting body. Once a user has completed all requirements and their course, our system automatically generates a token-based certificate created by our clients based on their industry certification standards. These message tokens will populate the user and program data so our clients no longer need to build a certificate for each program or each user! No more mail merge certificates or keeping up with a printed copy for every event for a period of time. It’s a win-win for both clients and their users!


Hank: What kind of events will this work for? 

Lisa: These tools are perfect for all events hosted on CE21. If there is credit and a certificate on the product, we will track it! Not only can we track the requirements on singular products like webinars or on-demands, but we can also track and add up credits across multi-module programs like Virtual Conferences or Live Events with various agenda items. 


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