Hanging with Hank: Exploring CE21’s Marketing Tools

by | Dec 18, 2023 | CE21U, Company News, Documentation

By Hank

Marketing tools open up opportunities for associations to reach their target audience, raise awareness about their offerings, and cultivate a community, enhancing member engagement and ensuring sustainable growth. In this episode, Hank the Emu chats with Jax James, our Client Success and Engagement Manager, to explore how CE21’s Marketing Tools engage your end users to promote and sell your products.


Hank: What kind of marketing tools do CE21 offer? 

Jax: Our marketing tools include diverse forms designed to collect end-user data, a range of advertisements that not only promote products but also generate revenue, a reward points system, and capabilities for providing discounts and bundling options. 

Hank: What types of advertisement options do our clients have? 

Jax: Banner ads allow you to tailor your catalog’s banner, ensuring a personalized touch. Easily maintain its relevance by scheduling specific ads to appear at different times. On the other hand, Ad Partners provide a collaborative avenue for mutually beneficial arrangements with other companies or speakers. Ad partnership entails compensating them with a percentage of revenue when they drive customers to your catalog or other content. You can find ad partner information in our sales reports, making issuing referral checks easy. The process is seamlessly tracked, offering a transparent and effective partnership model.


Hank: Can you tell us more about discounts? 

Jax: Discounts enable you to provide customers with a customizable code that grants a percentage or dollar amount reduction from the original price. One of the most valuable ways Discounts are applied is through a myriad of options such as free shipping, automatic discounts triggered by purchasing a certain quantity, or automatic discounts for members of specific groups. Providing customers with an automatic discount visible in their carts when they meet specific criteria is incredibly beneficial and adds a cool factor to the overall shopping experience. Our discounts feature empowers businesses to implement flexible and targeted promotional strategies, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Hank: What about the ability to bundle products? 

Jax: We offer a wide range of bundling capabilities, from simply grouping them due to their content similarities, grouping for a discount if bought together, or allowing your users to customize from a list of titles you create. There’s even an option to allow your whole catalog to become a bundle builder where the users get more and more discounts based on the number of products they purchase or the amount they spend.


Hank: Do you have any final thoughts? 

Jax: By seamlessly integrating forms, ads, discounts, and product bundles into our platform, along with the intelligent features of Smart Lists, Product and Cart Notifications, and Email Marketing Tools, we create a cohesive and user-friendly experience. End-users can navigate and engage with personalized content effortlessly while strategically implementing discounts and product bundles to enhance their shopping journey. The synergy of these elements ensures a smooth and tailored experience, fostering customer satisfaction and optimizing the effectiveness of our platform. To learn more about these tools, reach out to me at Jax@ce21.com

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