Hanging with Hank: Exploring CE21’s Association Management Features

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Company News, Navigator, Technology, Uncategorized

CE21 is committed to providing associations with comprehensive and user-friendly membership and learning management solutions. In this episode, Hank the Emu chats with Braden Davis, CE21’s Lighthouse (AMS) Product Manager, exploring how CE21’s association management tools are designed for associations of all sizes. 

Hank: How does Lighthouse AMS streamline the association management process?

Braden: Absolutely, Hank! Lighthouse AMS is all about simplifying operations and enhancing engagement. Our cloud-based platform lets staff and users access everything they need with just one login. Plus, our integration with WordPress allows for seamless website management, providing a cohesive online experience that is more effortless than ever.

Hank: How does Lighthouse AMS tackle membership management?

Braden: Lighthouse AMS automates the membership management process as much as possible. This includes automated invoice/renewal functionality, automatic recurring payments, renewing members into the proper member type for tiered memberships, and renewal and payment reminder emails. Our memberships are built around our “Groups” functionality, allowing associations to use the same principles for things similar to memberships but slightly different. For example, subscriptions, committees, sections, and automated groups can be pulled into custom directories, ensuring robust engagement. Our system supports credit card and ACH vaulting for effortless fundraising and payment processing. And let’s not forget about donations—our platform allows for easy donation tracking and goal setting, empowering associations to meet their fundraising targets effectively.

Hank: How does Lighthouse AMS handle this contact management and email marketing?

Braden: Lighthouse AMS offers smart lists and automated groups to streamline contact management. Staff can save valuable time using automated groups that update dynamically based on predefined criteria. Additionally, our system automatically collects legislative information based on contact addresses, allowing associations to target members by district for informed communication. And with our mass email marketing tool, creating, sending, selective resending, and tracking email campaigns is a breeze.

Hank: How does Lighthouse AMS support website integration?

Braden: Our platform utilizes WordPress for a fully integrated website solution, allowing associations to create custom-branded sites seamlessly. Whether importing an existing WordPress site or starting from scratch, we ensure a smooth transition while enhancing design, usability, and integration with educational programming catalogs. The CE21 WordPress plugin makes managing content and resources even more efficient.

Hank: Are there any additional features or services that Lighthouse AMS provides?

Braden: Absolutely, Hank! In addition to comprehensive membership and website management, Lighthouse AMS offers a searchable directory for users and sponsors, fostering connectivity within the association community. We also support classified ads, enabling associations to promote products, services, or job openings directly to members while offering exclusive pricing options. Regardless of size or budget, Lighthouse AMS is the associations’ ideal membership management solution.

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