Platform users can create their own virtual or hybrid conferences. However, CE21 offers a white-glove virtual conference management service when they face time or technical constraints. This service is available not only to users on our platform but also to the broader public. For associations not yet on our platform, hosting a virtual conference is an excellent opportunity to test-drive our software experience!

By entrusting CE21 with the entire setup, management, and execution process, you can focus on other essential tasks. At the same time, we gather information from you, configure the virtual conference according to your specifications, and leverage our technical expertise to ensure the success of your event.

Our event production services can complete your virtual conference needs, providing attendees with a polished and interactive experience.

Learn more about our Event Production Services.


On-Site Livestream

Our nationwide network of skilled webcasters can attend your event venue and give live-stream presentations to a wider virtual audience. 

Learn more about our event production services.


Speakers can create prerecorded content by recording their presentations, for example, through Zoom. Alternatively, they can use our nationwide videography network to record live presentations. 

CE21 will track, manage, and encode these simple programs, which can be presented as though they were 100% live. 

Remote Zooms

CE21 conducts Zoom Powered Webcasts, enabling live productions with panelists and moderators within Zoom. Attendees can watch the Zoom canvas streamed into a zero-install program viewer in their browser.

Learn more about our live event production services.

External Links

Our system allows you to incorporate links to external program content into the program schedule, such as a Zoom Meeting hosted outside of CE21.

For instance, you can use this feature to host a virtual happy hour at the end of a conference day.



With your virtual conference, you will be assigned to a team facilitating all areas of your virtual conference.

Customization: CE21 will assist you in selecting a conference template and theme colors to align with your brand identity. Additionally, we will create, customize, and submit the virtual conference page layout, content, and overall navigation for your approval.

Certification: If your programs require attendee certification, our team will review certification options with you and create a printable completion certificate according to your specifications.

Interactivity: We will assist you in exploring the various conference networking options available, such as live chat, forums, Q&A widgets, QR codes leading to polls, and other alternatives.

Prerecorded Media Content: If your event includes simu-live or other prerecorded content (such as sponsor ads), our team will manage the tracking, ingestion, and optimization of your program content for online streaming.

Live Event Production: If your event is hybrid and includes live event production elements, our team will work closely with you to ensure a successful production.

Event Support: Throughout your conference, CE21 staff provides event support. Our customer support team also offers toll-free call center and email tickets to assist with any attendee technical support inquiries.


If certification is needed for your event, rely on our system to handle everything. From generating participation codes to mandatory time tracking, administering quizzes, preparing affidavits, and prompting for attendance confirmation, our system ensures that participants have viewed the required content.

Our flexible template system allows for complete customization of certificates, pulling in user details, program information, and credits to create a certificate layout tailored to event needs.

Even if your virtual conference does not require certification for attendance or participation, our system offers comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.


Our Virtual Conference platform offers robust interactivity features, including:

Forum: Our forum is a Facebook-style experience that allows users to post, reply, and like comments.

Live Chat: CE21’s live chat allows for users to engage in a public chat room, direct message and engage privately in groups.m

The forum or live chat can be embedded in the virtual conference page and/or within the program viewer, allowing interactivity throughout the conference.

Moderator Functions:
Moderators for forums and chats can reject content and additional moderator-only functions.


Exhibitors: CE21’s Virtual Conference platform enables exhibitors to share their web links, marketing documents, videos, and images and even host their booth via a link to an external Zoom meeting (or any other webinar platform).

Sponsors: Sponsor banners and/or videos can be featured on a custom conference page, within a program viewer tab, or integrated as a video ad as part of the program content. 

Registrations Import: Streamline registration by importing orders from existing systems or workflows. 

Conference Preview: Our proprietary Conference Preview Viewer allows external approval of all facets of the conference appearance, widget configurations, and program content for a final approval stamp. 

Built to Scale: Our virtual conferences are built to scale with your business, whether it’s a small or large-scale event. With Microsoft Azure as our robust infrastructure, your video content will reach your audience reliably and securely.

And much more…!


View Demo

View a demo of a basic Virtual Conference layout using our CE21 Wave theme with a custom theme color #10a5d8. Note: The forum is purposefully disabled.


…thank you for the quality of service that  you have provided us during our recent Winter Seminar. We sincerely appreciate your efficient and gracious customer service, your detail and accountability that you have shown on each of our online events…

Ben Howe

CEO of AGC Partners, AGA Boston

I wanted to let you know that Isabel and Patrick have been great to work with over the past few weeks. It’s a big event with a lot of content. Isabel and Patrick have been super helpful. Thank you both

Jeff Buthod

Director of Education, Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons

…And thank you for all your help and support in making this conference a success! I’ve seen a lot of very positive feedback and you deserve to hear it as much as we do.


Director of Communications and Education, Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association



Do I need to be "subscribed" to your platform to host a virtual conference?

No, you do not need a contract with CE21 for our LMS/AMS platform to use CE21’s Event Production Services. However, hosting a virtual conference can be a great opportunity to both showcase our platform and host your event.”

What's the difference between a Virtual and Hybrid Conference?

A virtual conference is an event that takes place entirely online, featuring prerecorded content, live Zoom presentations, or webcasting, without any in-person attendance.

On the other hand, a hybrid conference includes both a live online event and an in-person, face-to-face component. In this format, there is a live, physical audience and virtual attendees.

What is your pricing?

Since each virtual/hybrid conference has unique requirements, there is no one-size-fits-all price.

Contact us to schedule a demo. We’ll then provide a personalized quote tailored to your needs, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Can you explain more about your customer support?

In addition to the support provided by your dedicated CE21 conference team, your customers will have access to our customer support team via a toll-free contact center and a ticketing system.

Our team will assist customers with accessing the conference, resolving any technical issues (such as poor internet quality at their location), and answering any certification-related questions (if applicable).