With over 3,000 livestream projects under our belt, CE21 is experienced in navigating the waters of making your event videography a success.  Our focus lies in live streaming events, particularly presentations held in hotel conference rooms or conference centers.

Our live streaming services can seamlessly merge with our white glove virtual conference interface, providing attendees with a polished and interactive experience.

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Live Webcasting

Engage members, customers, employees and more, wherever they watch.

Our nationwide network of skilled webcasters are available to come to your event venue and live stream presentations to a wider audience.  

Videography Only

Some events are only recorded in order to be delivered and viewed later.

We can professionally record your presentation and quickly deliver the content for repurposing however you see fit. 

Zoom Powered Webcasts

We can live stream some events where all panelists are 100% remote and only speakers, moderators, and an assigned Tech are within Zoom. 

Attendees are in a browser-based program viewer watching the Zoom canvas streamed into a zero-install, effortless viewing experience.



Why entrust your event to us? Here’s how our expertise sets us apart:

In-depth Understanding. Having worked in numerous conference settings, we understand the nuances and challenges of each environment. From hotel ballrooms to convention centers, we excel in optimizing setup efficiency and collaborating effectively with speakers and venue personnel to deliver a quality end product.

Problem-Solving Skills. Despite meticulous planning, live events can present unexpected challenges. Our seasoned on-site video technicians thrive in troubleshooting and rapid decision-making, ensuring prompt resolution of any issues to minimize disruptions during your event.

Client Satisfaction. Our proven track record speaks volumes. Over the years, we’ve garnered the trust and loyalty of numerous clients who consistently rely on us to deliver exceptional results. Whether small-scale meetings or large-scale conferences, client satisfaction remains our top priority.

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Our live webcasts seamlessly stream through our tailor-made browser-based viewer, offering:

Branding. Add your logo to the Program Viewer and even as a graphic in the lower right corner of the video player.

Customization. Customize the look and feel of your Program Viewers with our easy-to-use built-in tools.

Interactivity. Engaging interactive features such as live chat, forums,  and Q&A functions to display within the program viewer, ensuring active participation from attendees and enhancing their overall experience.

Built to Scale. Our custom viewer is built to scale with your business, whether you’re it’s a small or large-scale event. With Microsoft Azure as our robust infrastructure, your video content will reach your audience reliably and securely.


While we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier quality and service, we are equally committed to offering our clients competitive pricing and exceptional value. Recognizing the significance of meeting budget constraints, we consistently strive to maximize the return on investment for our clients.

Furthermore, in addition to the value provided by our live production services, we offer epic customer support. With toll-free phone assistance and an online ticketing system, our dedicated support team is readily available to address any inquiries or concerns promptly and efficiently, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees.


CE21 leverages a network of skilled freelance webcast technicians across the United States to ensure nationwide coverage for project requests, keep travel expenses to a minimum and a professional familiarity with event venues and staff.

The majority of our videography network members have been collaborating with us since 2015.


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From three separate presentations in Minneapolis, MN in July of 2023


As always, the videographer team sent to our conference did a great job. There were no issues and the team was professional and very competent.

Skip Gmeiner

Director of Information Technology, AREMA

This has been our 4th year using CE21. We have been totally pleased with the professionalism and quality of all of their staff. They communicate well. They show initiative. They solve problems when they come up. I highly recommend CE21.

Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP

Executive Director, ACEP

Fantastic team…CE21 rocks

Wallace Long MSW, LCSW

CEO, CEP Inc & Social Work Foundations



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How much does live webcasting cost?

Pricing varies depending on the project’s specific needs and parameters. Contact us using the form above, and we’ll arrange a Zoom meeting to discuss your project in more detail!

Can you jump around to different event rooms to capture content?

Typically, it’s advisable to consolidate all programs to be streamed and/or recorded into a single event room for all event days. This helps reduce event venue costs and maintains a more secure and consistent product.

If there’s a need to change the event room between dates, please notify CE21 during project discussions.

For room changes within a single day, there’s a minimum required time for the videographer to move cabling/equipment from one room to another. The exact time needed can vary due to several factors, which should be addressed during the initial discussion phase.

How many videographers or webcast technicians show up for an event?

By default, one webcast technician will be present for your event, unless you have requested additional technicians during the initial project discussion, or CE21 has recommended this based on event parameters.

All events and videographers are supported by a remote webcast expert from CE21’s staff in Austin, TX.

What do I need to set up for an event at a hotel or conference center ahead of time?

We have a dedicated website page for addressing this question, which will be reviewed during our initial project discussion.