CE21 Manager

Through the CE21 Manager, partners and affiliates have the ability to create and manage customer catalogs for entire professional education verticals. Additionally, partners have special privileges to designate multiple staff logins and access control within each association they manage.

CE21 acts as the technology backbone for these partners, providing the web site infrastructure, content management system, and can supplement additional services such as technical support, media production and live webcast technicians.

An administrative portal for staff, a powerful association management tool for partners.


Manage Everything. Set revenue share percentages and fees, run vertical-wide reporting and manage every aspect of the day-to-day business of an entire vertical market.

Course Management. Create multiple delivery types in one step, allocate custom certification requirements and set a publish date for the program to go live in the Catalog.

Reporting & Analytics. Run reports on sales including best sellers, products that have never sold and compare date ranges against the prior year.

Workflows. Create powerful workflows that helps different teams collaborate throughout the lifecycle of a program.

Dashboard. Dynamic and customizable, the Dashboard displays widgets that can display anything from a world map of all your upcoming events to tracking real-time sales.

Seminar Distribution. Distribute relevant course content through an entire vertical with a few clicks of your mouse.

Security. Control staff administrative access via granular security settings. Activity Logs provide detailed information on online staff activity.

Sales and Ecommerce

The Sales section of the CE21 Manager contains everything you'll need to manage the money moving through your CE business. Search for and fullfill orders, perform refunds and exchanges, and view order status, create and manage discounts and gift cards, view currently active and abandoned customer shopping carts, and see who is currently browsing your catalog (and even see what's in their shopping carts).

Graphs and Reports

Graphs - The Reporting section provides graphs and statistics related to your product sales. Compare sales by product type, dig in and see which of your product categories or tags are doing well and which might need to be renamed or deleted. View sales information by product type and even predict how your going to do in the future based on historical sales.

Reports - We also provide rich reporting functionality allowing you to mine your data in any way you can think of - examining products sales, customer data, pay speakers, etc. You can also see which of your products are doing well and which might need to be refreshed.

Contact Management

Customer Accounts - The Accounts section provides a contact management system allowing your to find and manage your customers in a multitude of ways. Add detailed notes to a customer which other staff members can see, view the customers purchases, current and historical addresses, upload documents to the customer which will show up in the customer's account. Any discounts or gift cards associated with the customer can be viewed and managed here.

Customer Messaging - The system provides a two way messaging system which allows the customer to send inquries to your staff and allows your staff to send notifications to the customer such as refund notifications, etc.

Speaker Management - We provide a rich speaker management section including a speaker portal where your speakers can view and update their own information. View and manage seminars and publications associated with this speaker, update profile pics and background information, add SEO information to the speaker's external speaker page on your catalog and add social media information associated with the speaker.

Companies and Firms - Our system suggests company names when your customers sign up or update their information on your catalog which helps to reduce duplicate data in your system. On the company page you can view company employees, and manage discounts and gift cards assigned to the compnay. Our company infrastructure provides an easy means to create company and firm discounts and sell bulk subscriptions.

Products and Seminars

Easily create live events, live webcasts, video replays, as well as on demand and downloadable seminars. Each of these media types can be individually customized through our intuitive and flexible interface. Set publish and archive dates in advance, create permalink and short links for marketing, and set any number of discounts and pricing adjustments on a per seminar or global basis. Like every other aspect of our system, you can also set SEO and social media information for each seminar. Add mandatory or optional evaluations, quizzes, participation codes or an affidavit of completion.

Catalog Appearance

Through our Appearance section, you can control every aspect of your front end catalog. For each page in your catalog, you can drag and drop various widgets to change the look and functionality of the page including 4 product layouts, sliders, custom menus, a tag cloud, calendar, and custom HTML. Add a "suggestions" widget which suggests products based on what the customer has purchased in the past.

You can also create custom menus which can be added globally or just to particular pages as needed.

Customize your header, footer, and background through an intuitive Word Press type interface.

Finally, add any number of custom pages to your catalog which can be used for marketing particular seminars or events, providing information to your customers, and more. The system is flexible enough that you could run your entire CE business through us obviating the need for an external web site.


The lists section provides access to all lists of information in your system. Categories, tags, credit types, affidavits, email templates and more.

Like other CE systems, we give you the ability to group your products through categories however, we have also implemented a tagging system which allows you to group your products in more creative ways. You could, for example, create a 2015 Annual Meeting tag and create a custom page which contains the seminars and products from that tag. This would allow you to appropriately group your seminars from that event into various education categories but still provide a single place for your customers to access the associated seminars.

This section also keeps track of records you have deleted and provides an easy way to retrieve accidental deletions.

Site Settings

Our Settings section allows you to set your business information, control shipping and tax configurations and more. You can control how your customers access your system including using popular sign in functions like Facebook and Twitter and who has access to your front end catalog. In the default image and colors section, you can control the images and colors that identify the various types of products you sell.

The Workflows section allows you to determine how a product moves through your publishing process. You can even have the system notify one or a group of people when a seminar is published.

Through our Custom Labels section, you can set various labels in your system so your customers see the labels they know.

Hook in your various social media accounts and we can publish your new products and seminar directly to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.


The system provides state of the art security and access control, activity logs allow you to view everything and anything done by your staff. You can see which of your staff is currently logged into the system and for how long. Also, every page in the system is controlled through an intuitive access control list - so you can completely control which parts of your manager your various staff have access to.


Use our "canned" solutions and add your own to give your customers all the information they need to navigate your catalog.

Manager Tools

Managers in our system are companies or firms that manage groups of associations such as association management companies. We provide the ability for a single such entity to manage an unlimited number of associations through the Managers section including setting revenue shares, creating canned solutions, and distributing products and seminars to the associations you manage. If you are an association management company contact us for details.

Customer Catalog

Allow your members to expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date on the newest developments, regulations and standards in the way they desire (or demand!).

Built from the ground up for mobile devices, CE21 provides the tools for your association to quickly and effectively allow learners to access and purchase continuing education seminars, publications and other products.

Whether registering members for your walk-in seminar at a conference center or delivering a self-study streaming presentation to a tablet, the backbone of the CE21 platform allows your organization to create, sell, and distribute content into a seamless and fully integrated CE customer catalog.

Complete CE Registration, Delivery and Certification System

Site Options

Building off of 31 years of experience in software development in the continuing education arena, the CE21 customer catalog was created from the ground up to fulfill all your continuing education needs. The catalog configuration contains fully customizable widgets and the ability to define different layouts, add custom HTML, custom menus, a tag cloud and more.

The system also allows you to customize the header and footer as well as the background and images used throughout your catalog. Additionally, you can add any number of custom pages to your catalog which can be used for marketing particular seminars or events, providing information to your customers, and more. The system is flexible enough that you could run your entire CE business through CE21 obviating the need for an external web site.

Customer Accounts

The customer account is the central place for you to interface with your customers. It provides functionality for you to exchange documents, send and receive messages, recommend seminars and more. Seminars which have not been completed are listed separately for easy access. Coupons and gift cards specifically attached to a customer will be displayed here for quick access to remaining amounts and codes. The Wish List allows customers to save any product in the catalog for later easy access and purchase.

A New Calendar Paradigm

The new calendar takes a completely different tact on how a calendar should function. Leveraging our color tagging methodology, we employ a unique way of displaying hundreds of events a month in a very confined and understandable way. The calendar employs this same methodology to provide a yearly, monthly, weekly and day view as well as the same search functionality we use in the other search pages.

Speaker Pages

Speaker pages provide a permalinked page using the speaker's name which lists out all the seminars from every speaker or author in your catalog. This page contains SEO information for the speaker and products making it easily indexed by search engines.

Product Management

Available as an add-on to the administrative manager, the Product Management System allows your organization to sell, ship and track other education resources such as CD's, DVD's, Books and more.

Product Store

Keep precise track of product inventory.

Take pre-orders and mark products as In Stock, Out of Stock, or Back Ordered.

Pull dynamic shipping rates via UPS, FedEx, USPS and more.

Run reports on inventory, pre-sales orders, types of products, date ranges and more.

Bundle multiple products together to sell as a grouped discount.

Full API ntegration with Ship Station for a full featured shipping solution including printing labels, batch processing, as well as access through the Ship Station mobile app.

Event Management

Available as an add-on to the administrative Manager, the Event Management system allows organizations to manage the full event cycle. Regardless if the need is an occasional smaller single day event or a huge multi-room event spanning multiple days, you can easily manage them with the CE21 Event Management System.

Total Event Management Platform

Manage all aspects of booking large multi-day, multi-room events including assigning event planner(s), venue location, booking and tracking expenses,

Track and view reports on overall event revenue, revenue per category, per event and down to the customer level.

Give you speakers access to their seminars, evaluations, revenue, and more through our Speaker Portal.

Efficiently handle discounts, promotion codes and bundled discounts. Complex pricing made simple.

Full integration with WebEx(tm), Adobe(tm), and GoToWebinar(tm) events from inside the CE21 interface.

Testing and Certification

Certification has never been simpler. With a flexible template system, adding certification requirements is a snap as is completely customizing the wording and display of your certificates of completion.

Complete Certification. Testing Supercharged

Glean valuable data from course evaluations by including ratings dropdowns, multiple choice selections, star ratings, and whether a question is required or optional.

Control the language, look and feel and layout of custom affadavits with the our inline word processor.

Guarantee viewers are involved during the entire production of your program with our Participation Code system.

Create robust testing scenarios. Draw from a set number or pool of questions, give input on incorrect (and correct) answers and set randomizing criteria so that no two people have the same test.

Testing can be attached to a product (DVD, Webcast e.g.) or as a standalone product.